CONGRATULATIONS to all Pointe Rockers for your amazing Exam Results. I am sooooo proud of you all. Can't wait to get started on your new grades!

Dance Force Summer 2018

Dance Force Summer 2018 Timetable is now up! Can't wait to see you there!

Monday 6th August

                      Studio 1                                         Studio 2

10am             Warmup

10.15am       Classical Ballet/Contemporary      Pointe Rocks

11.20am        Dance Beatz                                 Tap Beatz

12.30pm        Dance Acro

2pm               Poi

2.20pm          Irish Dancing

2.45pm          Cool Down

Tuesday 7th August

                     Studio 1                                       Studio 2

10am            Warm up / Zumba

10.15am       Pointe Rocks                                 Classical Ballet/Contemp

11.20am       Limbering/Modern                         Limbering/Modern

12.30pm       Dance Acro

2pm              Musical Theatre                             Musical Theatre

2.45pm         Cooldown                                       Cooldown

Thursday 9th August

                     Studio 1                                         Studio 2

10am            Warm up

10.15am       Classical Ballet/Comtemp.              Pointe Rocks

11.20am        Limbering/Modern                          Limbering/Modern

12.30pm        Dance Acro/Gymnastics

2pm               Dance Beatz                                    Tap

2.45pm          Cool Down

Friday 10th August

                      Studio 1                                          Studio 2

10am             Zumba/Warm up

10.15am         Pointe Rocks                                  Classical Ballet/Contemp.

11.20am         Dance Fitness                                 Street Dance/Breaking

12.30pm         Acro/Gymnastics

2pm                Dance mash up                              Dance Mash up

3.45pm           Cool Down






CONGRATULATIONS to all Pointe Rockers for a totally AWESOME show! You were all amazing!


This year the award goes to a student who has the most beautiful poise and performance quality, both in class and on the stage.

Big Congratulations to Jennifer Reene from the Pre- Elementary 1 class


Team Award;  
Jessica Holyoake, Poppy Beasley, Tiffany He, Tilly Rogers, Hattie Rogers, Ruby Keen, Isabel Wallbank, Teri-Rose Haggerty, Grace Scott, Phoebe-leigh Goncalves

Most Improved;  Megan Thomas, Sophia Patroklou, Keira Hazell, Emily Haines, Jessica Parker, Sharna Boyd

Highest Exam Mark                  Jessica Holyoake & Kia Bone

Fantastic Footwork                    Holly Street

Musicality Award                       Lucy Searle

Most Promising 10 & over        Olivia Mill

Most Promising under 10          Zoe Holliday

Personality of the Year Award   Emily Searle & Ben Holliday


Well done to all Pointe Rockers for an AWESOME show! You were all fantastic! I am so proud of everything you have achieved in the last year!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the Pointe Rockers who won awards!

Most Promising under 10 :  Jennifer Reene & Sienna Rolland

Most Promising 10 & Over:    Emily Parsons & Lucy Searle

Musicality Award:  Faith Gardener

Fantastic Footwork Award:  Megan Thomas, Holly Street &  Abigail Wilson-Law

Team Award:  Ben Holliday & Emily Searle,  Sophie Bennett & Zoe Holliday

Highest Exam Mark:  Sophie Osbourne (Beginners Exam)

Fantastic Tapper Award:   Emily Searle

Most Improved 2016-2017:  Tayla-Lynn Bevan, Sharna Boyd, Grace Fryer

Olive Clacher, Kody Booker, Claudia D'Angiolo, Erin Jefferies & Isabella Balfour-Bernard



Pointe Rocks Superstar in the English Youth Ballet

Big congratulations to Holly Street from the Elementary 1 Class. Holly successfully auditioned for the English Youth Ballet and will be performing with the company in Swan Lake in November 2016. Good Luck Holly - You are AWESOME!

'SPACE WEEK' supported by the Littlehampton Town Council

Pointe Rocks will be taking part in the SPACE WEEK (Sports and Arts Community Event) supported by the Littlehampton Town Council.

Classes will be held on the morning of Saturday 27th August 2016 for all ages and abilities beginners - advanced.

All classes are completely free! Please contact Kelly on 07968 278201 for more information.

EXAMS 2016

Pointe Rocks Exams will be held on the 8th, 9th and 10th December 2016. All students have the option to sit the exam and no extra classes will be required. Any student not wishing to take part in the exam will automatically move up a grade with their classmates in January 2017.


Well done to all Pointe Rockers for 2 amazing performances at the Woodland Centre in Rustington. I was so proud of all of you!

Congratulations to all the dancers who won awards! Pointe Rocker of the year 2016 went to Sienna Rolland. Sienna has had a fantastic year at Pointe Rocks. Well done Sienna, you are a superstar!  

Pointe Rocker of the year 2016   Sienna Rolland

Highest Exam Mark                      Zoe Holliday

Team Award                                 Faith Gardener & Holly Street

Most Promising Under 10             Sharenya Selvansthil

Most Promising 10 & over             Josie Attrill

Most Improved 2016                    Abigail Wilson-Law, Bonnie Fraser,

                                                     Julia Siveter, Lucy Searle, Isla Milnes

                                                     Olivia Mill and Olivia Robins

Musicality Award                          Francesca Fielding-Cooke

Fantastic Footwork Award             Holly Street

Fantastic Tapper Award                 Emily Searle


Well done for another fantastic presentation! Awesome! So proud of all of you! Thank you to those of you who donated raffle prizes and bought tickets. We raised an amazing £150 towards the purchase of some mirrors. Awesome!

Pointe Rocks Awards 2015

Big congratulations to the following students who received achievement awards;

Most Promising Under 10       Olive Clacher

Most Promising 10 & over       Esme Collingwood

Fantastic Footwork                  Alba Braham

Highest Exam Mark 2015        Faith Gardener

Musicality Award 2015            Lucy Searle

Most Improved                        Charli Woodcock, Ellie Bennett, Laura Baker

                                                and Izobel Oakley

Team Award                            Keira Hazell, Olive Clacher, Ruby Harwood

                                                Sharyena Selvasenthil, Megan Thomas

                                                Neda Pilipaiciute, Isla Milnes, Amy Harris

                                                Jetta Braham


This year the award goes to Holly Street from the Elementary 1 Class. Holly has had a fantastic year at Pointe Rocks! There is no end to her achievements! Holly represents what Pointe Rocks is all about. Fun ballet with no rules - always ready for a challenge! Well done Holly! 

Colouring Competition Winners

Tots and Beginners        Tayla-Lynn Bevan

Junior Grade +                Jennifer Reene


TAP ROCKS starting 2015!

Pointe Rocks in pleased to offer an exciting new Tap Class for Beginners starting January 2015. The Tap Rocks syllabus is tap dancing as you know it but to all the latest tunes in the pop charts!

Tap dancing is an energetic style great for co-ordination; students are taught rhythm and how to hear the beat of the music. They learn style, technique and musicality through percussive footwork.

No uniform is required but students may wish to purchase tap shoes.

Contact Kelly now to book in for a free trial. Classes start on January 8th 2015!

Dance Force Summer 2018